Reusing & Recycling

Think about what you can re-use before you recycle!



All paper to be recycled unless it contains ‘high risk’ or confidential data.

All cardboard to be recycled.

All plastic containers and plastic bags to be recycled.

All glass to be recycled.

All tins and cans to be recycled.

All batteries to be recycled.

All used printer cartridges to be recycled.

All reusable and suitable envelopes to be recycled.

All stamps to be collected for funds or distributed to appropriate charities.



Minimising Waste

Go paperless

Maximise technology (safe and backed up) to reduce paper use.

Printing to be kept to a minimum.

Minutes and reports to be electronically distributed where appropriate.

Increasing recycling quantity and reducing refuse waste for landfill.

Food compost facility.

Ethical purchasing using recycled packaging materials.

Re-use packaging materials.

Partnerships with international waste collection schemes.



Jane Deamer ILM BA Hons Dip YCD


M: 07495 539611


Eco Friendly


(Greta Thunberg, 2020, A Year to Change the World, BBC)


Scientific projections are compelling motivation to become an eco-friendly charity


carbon emissions



glacial ice melt

droughts and dust storms


wild fires

sea levels

coastal erosion

bio-diversity displacement

and loss


zoonotic diseases




Increased social impacts

homelessness  unemployment  migration  poverty  inequality   food insecurity  health conditions