Chemical Free, Fairtrade and Sustainable

Use Of Biodegradable Chemicals, Reduced Solvents And Lead Based Products

Purchase biodegradable cleaning and hygiene products.

Use natural products for cleaning and air freshening.

Purchase eco-friendly paint and varnishes.


Use Of Timber From Sustainable (Managed) Forests

Buy second hand if able.

Share or repurpose.

Buy new products using sustainable timber or products such as mango.

Buy local where possible.

Buy Fairtrade where possible.


Reducing Noise Pollution

Strive to reduce travel and vehicle use.


Natural World

Maximise opportunities to support bio diversity of premises and environment including bird boxes, feeding stations, bug hotels, bee hotels and other such resources.

Educate communities about their bio diversity and nurturing actions.

Initiating community projects to grow for food, beauty and health.

Organic and biodynamic growing and gardens for the community.



All resources to be used responsibly.

All unused furniture and other such items to be sold, distributed to charities or recycled appropriately in accordance with the maintenance of registers property disposal.


Other Measures

Supporting community initiatives which promote responsible use of resources.

Incorporating ecological projects within the programmes of positive activities provided for beneficiaries. 



Jane Deamer ILM BA Hons Dip YCD


M: 07495 539611


Eco Friendly